April Resources

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Welcome to April! A time for yellow rainboots and splashing in puddles. How will your little one amaze you today? The usual April holidays (Passover and Easter) squeezed themselves into March, so there is time to […]

March Resources

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Welcome to March! In the Northern hemisphere, spring is beginning, while the Southern hemisphere is looking forward to relief from the summer’s heat. Spring is a time of new beginnings, and your little one will be […]

February Resources

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Welcome to February! Your little one is always good for hugs and kisses, but now she can cut hearts and other loving shapes to share with her family and friends. Fine motor skills are honed by […]

January Resources

Happy New Year!

Wow, another year has passed! Just like that, your little one has grown bigger, smarter and more capable than last year. Such an exciting journey lies ahead! In the Northern Hemisphere, it can be cold and […]


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What do fun and learning to read to have in common? This printable PDF. Share this coloring page with your little one and enjoy some quality time learning to sound out simple words. Click on the […]

Cup Coloring Activity

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C – U – P. It may be fun to spell out loud, but we are being serious here. These consonant vowel consonant activity pages are the perfect activity to do with your child. Together, you […]

See and Say Mug

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Print out a great coloring page that can help your beginning reader learn new words. These easy to color consonant vowel consonant PDFs are a fun way to spend time together learning to read. Click on […]


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Not to be confused with the awesome hair band Ratt, this is a great coloring page to teach your little one how to read and spell the word for a cute furry rodent. Print out this […]

CAP Printable CVC

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Kids everywhere are putting their thinking caps on. There are lots of ways to make learning fun and this printable coloring page is one of them. Sound the letters out, learn to read simple words, and […]

Tap Coloring Page

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Printable consonant vowel consonant sheets are a great activity for kids who are starting to read. The simple words follow the CVC pattern and give them the opportunity to practice sounding words out. Now it is […]

Cricket B-A-T

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Here is a fun phonic coloring page for your beginning reader. It comes in a printable PDF format and there are lots of images from which to choose. It is never too late to start learning […]


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See it, say it, spell it, and color it! Here is a coloring page for young readers. These simple words and pictures are the perfect way to introduce them to reading and sounding out words while […]