Preschool File Folder Games

Preschool file folder games are colorful games made within a regular, office, file folder. They highlight shapes, colors, numbers and letters making learning and teaching even more fun to do. Two, three and four year olds […]

More Mother’s Day Crafts for Your Preschooler

Mother’s Day crafts are an excellent activity for a preschooler. They can create a lovely craft to use as a Mother’s Day gift, and it is sure to be something their mother will cherish. When making […]

Mother’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Mother’s Day is a fun holiday to create preschool crafts for. Preschoolers will enjoy exercising their creativity to create a great gift for mom, and mom will love getting the hand made, and heartfelt craft creations […]

So Fun Preschool Crafts

The following are some great preschool crafts. They are good for any holiday, or just for fun. Most of these preschool crafts can be done by the preschooler alone with just a little prep work or […]

Crafts Your Preschooler Will Love to Make or Eat

Craft projects are an ideal way for preschool kids to express their creativity, learn something, and have some fun. The following is a look at some fun preschool craft ideas: Cereal necklace: This is a really […]

More Preschool Art Projects

When doing preschool art projects you can make things like paper plate crowns, and various items using paper towel rolls. There are tons of preschool art projects out there. So, when doing them, consider the following […]

Preschool Art Projects

Preschool art projects can be anything from coloring a picture to creating something to hang on the wall, take home and place on a shelf, etc. When doing art projects with preschoolers, consider the following, as […]