Back-to-School Resources for September

Your little one has grown by leaps and bounds. Maybe they’re attending Preschool now, and putting their shoes on all by themselves! Your preschooler loves to assert her independence in many ways. Pouring her own drink, […]

How Do You Know If Your Child Is Ready For Kindergarten?

Is your child ready for kindergarten? Many parents are concerned when that particular summer rolls. While most children are ready, children mature and develop at certain rates. The differences in development can be significant in young […]

The Importance of Your Preschool Lesson Plans

As a child, when did you start to learn how to socialize with other people and understand what teachers and parents have been teaching you?  Each person is different and remembers at different points in their […]

Preschool Lesson Plan Basics

Teaching preschool is a fun and interactive way for an adult to associate with preschool aged students and children.  Having the right lesson plan is very important.  The more effective your lesson plan is, the more […]

Basic Preschool Skills

Your child is starting school in a year or two, and you are worried that they won’t cope. Here are some of the basic skills you can teach your child to help them prepare for school. […]

What are the Benefits of Preschool for Parent and Child?

There are a number of benefits for sending your kids to preschool, here are some of the top reasons preschool is a great idea: One of the best benefits of preschool is that they get to […]

Redshirting for the Right Reasons

Making the decision to redshirt your child needs to be made for the right reasons.  Do you send your child to kindergarten because they are of age or do you redshirt them for a year so […]

Reading, Rhyming and Arithmetic with Your Preschooler: Preschool Songs

Have you ever noticed that preschool songs are very repetitive?  Authors, educators and song writers have purposely written the preschool songs this way.  The reason they do this is to help your preschool student learn the […]

What are the Benefits of Preschool?

Many parents like the idea of preschool just to get their kid out of the house for a few hours a week and doing something different, but what are the real benefits of preschool? Should you […]

All About Ring Around the Rosy and Other Preschool Songs

Have you ever stopped and listened to the preschool songs and nursery rhymes that your child is singing?  Many of the songs will have a rhyme or a repetitive phrase that is being used over and […]

Redshirting Basics

Redshirting is many times referred to when you hold a student or child back a year in school.  This will give the student a chance to increase their academic and social skills with the teacher and […]

Is Redshirting A Good Idea for Your Child?

Redshirting your child can be used for two different things.  You can redshirt your child to improve their athletic capability or you can redshirt your child for their academic career.  Redshirting is becoming more popular with […]