Preschool File Folder Games

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Preschool file folder games are colorful games made within a regular, office, file folder. They highlight shapes, colors, numbers and letters making learning and teaching even more fun to do. Two, three and four year olds will get to play and learn at the same time. They are great to use at home or at a preschool or daycare. Preschool file folder games are fun to make and don’t take much time to assemble.


The tools and supplies you will need to make preschool file folder games are, file folders, scissors, colored paper, markers, glue and self-adhesive Velcro. File folders can be found at any office supply store and self-adhesive Velcro can be found either at an office supply store or a craft store.


The first step in making your preschool file games is to choose which type of game you would like to create. A number game is a great one for children in this age group. It helps them learn the numbers and their sequence. Next, pick a shape you would like to use, for example, a circle. Using a circle can imitate a ball; also help teach the kids about the circle shape. Then, using a round device, about two to three inches in diameter, trace 20 circles onto the colored paper, using many different colors of paper. After you have done this, cut out the circles. Next, write a number on each circle from one to twenty. Try to make the numbers go in a pattern according to the paper color. For example 1 is red, 2 is blue, 3 is yellow, 4 is red, 5 is blue, and so on. After your first set of circles is complete, you will then glue them onto the file folder in numeric order.


The next step would be to trace 20 more circles using the same circle pattern. Then you will draw one star onto the first circle that matches the color with the number 1 circle that is glued into the file folder. And two stars on the next circle that matches the color with the number 2 circle, and so on.


With your markers, it would be great to title your game on the front of the file folder in case you have others; it will be easier to sort through them and tell them apart. Perhaps using the title “Preschool Number Game”, basically defining it is a game for preschool aged children and it is a game used to learn numbers. You can also cut out one or two more circles and write a number on one and stars on the other, then arrange them onto the front of the game so if you have multiple number preschool file folder games, this will also help you find what you are looking for.


Laminating your preschool file folder games at a copy store is a recommended step to keep from wear and tear, however it is optional. Next you will want to stick your Velcro to your game and its pieces. The pieces are the individual circles with the stars on them. It can be applied to both circle types, the numeric ones get the soft side of the Velcro and the starred ones get the rough side of the Velcro. A great thing about using Velcro is, it gives you a place to store your pieces when the game isn’t being used.


Your file folder game is now complete. Enjoy learning and teaching with your preschool class or young child. Preschool file folder games can go anywhere with you and as your child progresses so can your file folder games.

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