Great April Themes for Preschool

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When April rolls around spring will be in full bloom!  There are a number of possibilities for themes for preschool. Keep in mind that young children in this age group, are eager and excited to learn about everything in the world. You tailor these themes to fit a daycare or preschool setting, or they will work just fine if you are looking for ways to interact with your preschooler. Here are some April themes for preschool-

  • Bugs and Insects-Most preschoolers are delighted with everything creepy and crawly. There are lots of fun options to really make this theme resonant with your young students. For additional ideas and visual aids, check out your local craft or school supply store.


Books to Read:

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

by Bob Barner

Shaoey And Dot: Bug Meets Bundle

by Mary Beth Chapman and Steven Curtis Chapman


Coffee Filter Butterfly Beauty-This lovely craft looks great suspended from the ceiling. Kids will love the idea of a room full of butterflies.

You will need:

Coffee Filters

Spray Bottle with water

Washable Markers


Start by having each child spray their coffee filter with the spray bottle. This will make the marker ink bleed into a beautiful wing. Have the children color on the damp filters. The next step is to twist and clip with clothespin, making the butterfly wings. The kids can then color a face and antennas on the clothespin.


Lady Bug Friend-Preschoolers love making these delightful bugs!

You will need:


Red Paint

Black Paint


Have each child paint their rock red. Once the red paint has dried, draw a capital T with the black paint down the back of the rock and add black spot like a lady bug.


Fun Spiders-These creepy crawlers will have the kids laughing!

You will need:

Styrofoam Balls

Black Paint

Black Pipe Cleaners

Googly Eyes




The first step is to lay out newspaper to protect your table. Next you will need to have each child paint their Styrofoam Ball black. While the ball is drying, cut the pipe cleaners in half. Once the ball is completely dry have the children poke the 4 pipe cleaners on one side of the ball and 4 on the other side of the ball. The next step is to take the googly eyes and glue them on to your spider. To make the spider walk you can poke a piece of yarn through the ball and tie a not at the bottom so as the yarn does not come back through the body. This will give the kids a way to walk their spider.

  • National Library Week April 11-17th-It is never too early to introduce preschoolers to the joy of the library. There are a variety of ways to introduce a love of books, and let them know the library is the place to be. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Field trip-The most obvious part of this theme is to take a trip to the library. This is fairly easy if the preschool meets, inside a school. Setting up a time to visit the library with the school librarian is a must, so that he or she can be prepared for your class. If your class meets outside of a traditional school, most community libraries have programs for preschoolers. A field trip to the library could be a highlight of this theme.


Make your own book-Once kids are introduced to the magic of the library. It can be fun to help them make their own book. You can simply fold papers in half, cover with construction paper and staple on the binding. Pass out the books to the kids and let them draw and write their own story. Kids will love taking turns to reading their books to everyone.

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