April Resources

Welcome to April! Spring is definitely here, and we know that April showers bring May flowers! Enjoy the lengthening days and increased warmth with your little one. There are also plenty of holidays to celebrate in […]

March Resources

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Welcome to March! The days are getting longer and warmer, spring is truly here! Your little one has grown and learned so much over the winter, it is time to go out into the sunshine! Did […]

February Resources

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Welcome to February! Your precious little one just keeps growing and learning new things – and February is a great time for honing those new skills. Do you know a child that would love a prize […]

January Resources

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Welcome to January! Another busy holiday season has been and gone, your little one has had an exciting time! Now things have calmed down a bit, but there’s still lots to celebrate this month. The main […]

December Resources

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Welcome to December! Oh my goodness, here we are at the end of the year again already! Your little one has grown so much since January – there are so many things she can do now […]

November Resources


Welcome to November! It’s hard to believe the year is almost over! Your little one’s cute little Halloween costume is packed away, and onward to the next celebrations! For preschoolers, the main celebration in November is […]

October Resources

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Welcome to October! Sunny days, cool nights, crisp apples … a joyous time for your little one to jump in the piles of leaves! October is a month full of discoveries, make-believe and fun. Did you […]

September Resources

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Can you believe that summer is over? The leaves are starting to turn, the days are getting shorter, and excitement is in the air. To many families, Labor Day (September 2, 2013) is the real New […]

August Resources

Happy August!

Welcome to August! The older siblings are seeing school approach, but the horizon is still endless for your little one. Popsicles, sand castles and running through the sprinkler, what could be bad? But still, sometimes we […]

July Resources

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Welcome to July! Kids are out of school (if your little one has older siblings, isn’t she delighted to have them around?), the weather is hot and lazy. So many celebrations this month! The most important […]

June Resources

Father's Day

Welcome to June! Amazingly, we are halfway through the year already. Your munchkin seems so much older and more capable than back in January. Just imagine what he will be like in December! But don’t wish […]

May Resources

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Welcome to May! It’s been a long winter – isn’t it wonderful that your little one can now play in the grass and enjoy the sunshine? So much to learn in this wonderful world of ours. […]